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Full-service cleaning for all
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) applications

A-1 Radiator Repair Reno, NV
Capabilities & Services

Our facilities can handle drive-in automobiles, light trucks, as well as highway trucks in our drive-through service stalls. Our fully trained journeymen mechanics are capable of handling every job from a passenger car to your new Peterbilt. The services we offer include complete cooling system maintenance and repair, air conditioning repair, heater core repairs and servicing. We are also a 2G licensed & certified smog service center.

From light-industrial solder-on radiators to the world’s largest heavy industrial heat transfer components, our repair and rebuild capabilities know no bounds. A-1 Radiator Repair regularly works with OE equipment and component manufacturers to design and/or improve cooling packages to meet specific customer needs.

Each A-1 Radiator Repair facility maintains a full welding & fabrication department, we do not sublet. Due to the specialized nature of our work all of our welder/fabricators are trained extensively ‘in-house’, which allows for faster turnaround time and a consistent level of quality throughout our organization. Our ability to TIG, MIG and gas weld on dissimilar & similar metals allows us to service aluminum oil coolers, charge-air-coolers, tube & shell heat exchangers, inter-coolers, after-coolers, as well as custom fabrication.



As a full-service automotive & industrial radiator company, we realize that we must be able to respond to your needs quickly. That’s why A-1 Radiator Repair is set-up and ready to go at all hours of the day and offers pickup and delivery for our industrial customers. We promise to deliver exceptional service, quickest turnaround time, and the best value for your dollar, each and every time.


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